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Hi, I'm Dana.


When I was four, I knew just what I wanted to be when I grew up: a waitress and a conservationist, preferably at the same time.

Turns out, that was a challenging career goal. Luckily, I turned to the next-best thing: being a writer. Today, I specialize in creating compelling, accessible, and concise content, tailored to your organizational goals and target audience(s).


I've worked across the business, tech, academic, and nonprofit industries, partnering with designers, project managers, C-suite executives, and cross-functional teams. My diverse experience lets me help my clients tell their stories with clarity and creativity—all while being grammatically correct! 

When not judiciously ensuring usage of Oxford commas, I love purposeful questing, aimless wandering, excessive traveling, as well as reading vast amounts of science fiction.

Here's What I Do.

Copywriting & Ghostwriting

From short- and long-form articles to web content, newsletters to blog posts, I'll tell your story and make it sound good. As a copywriter, I'll find your voice, persuade your audience, and drive visibility. As a ghostwriter, I'll do the same—but no one will know it except us!


Strategy & Marketing

As a former marketing communications coordinator, I'll not only write your content, but connect it to your end goals, increasing click-through rates, ensuring SEO success, and growing your target audience. I'll tell you what content to write, when to publish it, whom to target, and how to manage it.

Editing & Rewriting

In a previous life, I was a full-time grammar guru, working my way from editorial assistant to senior editor at a global consulting firm. I'll dot your i's, cross your t's, and ensure existing content is consistent and polished. And yes, I will add Oxford commas unless told otherwise.

Long- and short-form articles

Long- and short-form articles

For Example ...


The Work-Sleep Balance

Arame Snow.JPG

Meet NYU Student Profile

Resume Guide.PNG

A Complete Guide to Building Your Resume


Pacific NW Latino
Tech Summit

CAP brochure.PNG

Cascade AIDS Project Brochure


SW Hope Campaign Launch


COVID-19 Support Center

Page to Screen.PNG

From Page to Screen


Helping Neighbors

Sound Good?

Want to kick off that marketing campaign? Hone your messaging? Ensure that long-form article is flawless? Discuss why wombats are the best animal? Whatever the reason, please reach out!

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